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To ensure we are represented well on Earth The Astronomers need ministers to carry out our missions and establish observatories. 
We recruit, assess and train ministers for that purpose.
That process involves maintaining the integrity of the Astronomers organization the privacy of its adherents and our good name.
When applying for training as a minister you will have to properly identify yourself. We must be satisfied by some means that you are a person with an identity that is valid, real, un assumed with independent means of verification.
If successful in your training you agree to represent the Astronomers and carry out its missions without tarnishing our name in anyway shape or form. To conduct yourself and your life honestly , peacefully without disrepute,  to maintain the Laws of physics, to adhere to the great principals and to observe the full moon, the equinoxes and the solstices on this planet as days of celebration and reflection.
The Principals of the Astronomers are..
1. We are honest
2. We are peaceful
3. We take responsibility for our own life
4. Our conscience is our right
The missions are to
Research - Travel the eternal road of infinite study
Conserve - What is known and understood already
Educate - Help others learn and fight the war on Moron
Explore - The cosmos in all its scales and dimensions
The Laws of physics are ever changing and you are not required to be conversant with them all to complete this level of training. The discovery and substantiating of them by our forbears is part of our history on Earth. The Astronomers sacred facts concern knowledge of the laws and how we came by them. They begin with "The world is round"  Training as an Astronomer requires that you are able to explain this and prove it using the formula used by Eratosthenes in ancient Greece. You will  be required by the end of your training to name the sacred facts and carry out the calculation underpinning the first sacred fact proving Earth is round. https://tutors.com/math-tutors/geometry-help/circumference-of-earth
Maths is universal - Pi is the same in every corner of Universe, its practice is a cornerstone of knowing and understanding the cosmos. The ability to take measurements and work through formulae is part of the Astronomers world.
The Astronomers is a way of life rather than a divine belief, people may want to call it a religion like Buddhism or Chinese ancestor worship as its often refereed to as. You may call it your religion, your faith , your belief, your way of life. Astronomers enjoy all of the protections and rights of any other "religion " and we will vigorously defend these here on Earth.
Ordono Mundi
Praise the laws